Queen Moses's Story


Queen Moses first joined Ibba Girls Boarding School as a student in 2016. Here is some brief insight into her experience here, and her life beforehand.


Education cannot wait!

IGBS students waving

In this issue of FIGS February 2018 Newsletter, we celebrate the start of the 5th year of Ibba Girls Boarding School.


Rahama's Story


Having joined Ibba Girls Boarding School as a student in its first cohort back in 2014, Rahama is now in her penultimate year of primary education there. Here, she shares some of her experiences, particularly what she has learnt so far.


"And the darkness did not overcome it"

IGBS students 2017

FIG December 2017 Newsletter


Observations in Ibba

Student in class

Reports from Keith Sturgess and Margaret Eddershaw, who visited South Sudan with John Benington and Jean Hartley in November 2017.


Weaver Birds and Work Permits


Some Notes on Visit to Juba and Ibba in Nov 2017


Bishop Hiboro Edwardo visits Ibba School

IGBS Square

Bishop Hiboro Edwardo , of Tambura Yambio diocese, recently made a trip to Ibba Girls School on the 8th and 9th October.


The Future Starts Today

Ibba Girls School Students

September 2017 Newsletter


Independence day celebration at Ibba County Headquarter

IGBS Girls School Singing-2

Warm greetings from us here in Ibba.


Happy Palm Sunday Celebration's

Palm Sunday at Ibba Girls School-1

Ibba Girls Boarding School celebrates Palm Sunday


Update on IGBS

Group of Ibba students

FIGS September 2015 Newsletter


Zebra House emerges triumphant in this term's Music, Dance & Drama Competition on Parent Visitation Day

IGBS Girls School Singing

This term's Music, Dance and Drama Competition took place on Parent Visitation Sunday, with a good number of the girl students' parents turning out for their daughters' performances.


All Safe In Ibba, Despite Conflict In Juba

Many of you will have heard in the media over the past week of the further outbreak of violence in Juba the capital of South Sudan, with the senseless loss of hundreds of lives.


Developmental Review of IGBS

IGBS Pencils

Carried out in Ibba in Feb 2016, jointly by Jean Hartley (FIGS Trustee) and Vicky Dratia (IGBS Director of Studies)


Developmental Review of IGBS

IGBS Pencils

Carried out in Ibba in Feb 2016, jointly by Jean Hartley (FIGS Trustee) and Vicky Dratia (IGBS Director of Studies)


John’s Blog #2


This is the second in a series of blog posts by our Chair of Trustees, John Benington, from Ibba Girls Boarding School.


3 Cheers for 3 Years - Then Add 27!

FIGS February 2016 Newsletter


John's Blog #1: An Explosive Start to our Trip To Ibba!

In Uniform Singing Outside-2

John Benington and Jean Hartley, two Trustees of Friends of Ibba Girls School (FIGS), have managed to visit Ibba again this February, after 12 months of instability and insecurity which made travel too risky last year. John and Jean brought with them a consignment of textbooks, dictionaries, a Xerox printer, laptop computers, first aid equipment, and other items (all donated by FIGS supporters from around the world).


Enjoy Figs This Christmas!

FIGS December 2015 Newsletter


Term 2 Report

IGBS Director of Studies, Vicky Aijdiru gives us a performance breakdown on the school in its second term.


Will you support Mariam's education?


Mariam, in the Primary level 5 class at Ibba Girls Boarding School (IGBS), she is dignified, quietly hopeful, standing tall and thoughtful amid the giggles and screams of her classmates. This is her story, as told to classroom teacher Yoane Kumbonyaki.


Girls Education for Independence

Group of Ibba students

FIGS July 2015 Newsletter


New Head Teacher and Senior Staff Team Appointed

We welcome the new additions to IGBS.


Letter from Jamie Sgherza in Ibba


There’s something special about Saturday mornings at IGBS. Something’s remind me of my own childhood and other experiences are truly unique to this place...

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