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Our Appeal

Our Pencil Power Appeal aims to raise sufficient money to enable the school to take on an additional 40 girls each year. Donations will go toward the new buildings and staff needed, along with the extra running costs.

Help us provide for the teaching, food, accommodation and healthcare of these girls and give them the chance to transform their lives.

To break this down further, we aim to raise:

  • £150 each month to cover the cost of a teacher
  • £200 each month to cover the cost of a school nurse
  • £7 per week to feed a girl
  • £3 per week to provide schoolbooks, stationery and learning materials

In addition we are seeking grants from Trusts Foundations and commercial sponsors to contribute to the costs of the extra buildings necessary for the additional 40 girls and staff.

  • Dormitory for 40 girls: £43k (about £10k per girl)
  • Matrons quarter and sickbay: £3.7k
  • Bathroom block: £21.6k (£5k per girl)
  • Laundry block £12.4k
  • Septic system: £9.3k
  • Teachers accommodation block (for 4 families): £46k (about £10k per teacher) 
  • Traditional kitchen: £3.7k
  • Dining and assembly hall £24.7k
  • Furniture for classrooms and dormitories £6.2k

These are big sums of money, so why not set yourself and/or your organisation a manageable target. For example:

£200 will help us with classroom costs for 1 month
£300 will help us with a teacher’s salary for 2 months
£375 will help us to feed one of the girls for the whole year
£900 will help us with a teacher’s salary for 6 months
£1,600 will help us to provide stationary for 40 girls for 1 year
£1,800 will help us with a teacher’s salary for 1 year
£2,400 will help us with a nurse’s salary for 1 year
£10,000 will help us with furniture for dormitories, dining room & teachers’ accommodation
£11,000 will help us to extend the teachers’ accommodation
£25,000 will help us build a new classroom
£43,000 will help us build a new dormitory for the next intake of 40 girls

The Film

Give the girls of South Sudan the power to learn, June 2014.

Get Involved

90% of girls in South Sudan will never be able to read or write. If you want to change this statistic and give girls in South Sudan the power to learn, then please help us re-write this story.


There are now 80 girls learning at Ibba School, with 40 more set to join them in February 2016. The 2015 appeal is looking for at least 80 people to sponsor a girl for £27 per month to contribute to the cost of teaching, equipping, feeding, accommodating and caring for the girls.

Share the power of write.

Sign up today.

Please don’t forget to sign up for gift aid, to add 25% to the value of your donation.



Take a Pencil Portrait Selfie. Photograph yourself with a pencil in a creative pose, or simply holding a pencil. If you’d prefer, do a pencil sketch or doodle. Share it on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page with the tags #pencilpower #ibbagirlsschool #educateagirl and nominate three of your friends to do the same.

To enable us to share your image on our own website and social media channels make sure you tag us @_pencilpower on Twitter and Instagram, or @pencilpower on Facebook.

  • Stephen Fry

  • Emmanuel Jal

  • Harry Enfield

  • David Gentlemen

  • Alison Loehni NET-A-PORTER

  • Margaret Sentamu

  • Baroness Cox

  • Ajok Wek

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Every pound you donate will go direct to support Ibba Girls School.

To give now click here to give a one-off or fixed amount (monthly or annually) which will help us guarantee ongoing support for the costs of teaching, equipping, feeding and accommodating the 40 girls who join the school each year. These come not just from Ibba County but also the other 9 Counties in Western Equatoria State – and eventually perhaps from across the whole of South Sudan.

Please don’t forget to sign up for Gift Aid, to add 25% to the value of your donation.

Donate Today

We welcome sponsored walks, runs, climbs, quiz nights, birthdays, weddings, poetry readings, and any other activity you can think of to help us raise funds for this very worthy cause.

Please download the Fundraising pack here, and get in touch through ibba@pencilpower.org.uk to let us know your plans.

Fundraising Pack (PDF)

If you are a teacher or are linked to a school, we encourage you to participate in our schools programme. To learn how you can get involved, download the school information pack here.

School Pack (PDF)


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