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Jul 21, 2016

Parent Visitation Day and Inter-House Music, Dance and Drama Competition

Vicky Dratia, Ibba Girls Boarding School's Director of Studies, recently sent us the following report on the school's Parent Visitation Day and annual inter-house Music, Dance and Drama competition, which is always a hotly contested event! Read on for her updates:

"Very warm greetings from us here in Ibba. We are fine and getting on well with school activities. The Parent Visitation day and Music, Dance and Drama competition went well, though parent turnout was very poor due to insecurity on the roads and the very high cost of public transport currently.

However, those present were impressed by the pupils' performance in the different activities. The chief guest, the county education officer, offered 35 UNICEF school bags to the winning house, Elephant, and 100 exercise books for the second and third houses respectively. (The houses are called Elephant, Tiger and Zebra.)

The school offered a he-goat and sweets to the winning house, and sweets to the second and third houses respectively.

We hope to complete the rest of the term peacefully, by the grace of the Good Lord. Photos of the preparation for this day and the presentations are sent by Fabiano.

Best wishes




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